Richard Taw - Partner

Richard Taw – Partner

Richard Taw

One month… That’s all it took for Chiat/Day to recognize the potential in young Richard Taw, their college intern. Chiat hired him in their media department the first time they had hired a student pre-graduation. It didn’t take long for Richard to realize he was destined to sell advertising. He devoted nearly a decade to selling at Automotive News before he became a Web 1.0 pioneer, running a national sales force for a fantasy sports site.

Around the time he got married, the internet bubble burst pure coincidence, mind you so he returned to print, joining Red Herring and building valuable client relationships that have lasted to this day. Sensing a fundamental shift in the publishing world, and being bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, he launched the media partnership firm RT Media Solutions. The company took off quickly, doubling both in size and billings every year for the first several years of its existence. In 2004, Richard joined forces with Jim Horan to launch Access Media.

Richard lives in Hermosa Beach with his wife and two young sons. (between Richard’s two boys and Jim’s two boys, watch for the company’s inevitable name change to Access Media & Sons.) A graduate of USC, Richard bleeds Trojan red and gold. He’s a diehard football fan who went to both of the school’s most recent national championship games. He also cheers for the Lakers, Dodgers, Raiders, and in a rare display of bi-coastal generosity, the Baltimore Orioles. When he’s not selling or cheering, he is out there golfing, skiing, surfing and playing beach volleyball.

Jim Horan - Partner

Jim Horan – Partner

Jim Horan

When you have a childhood paper route with the Orange County Register, and you sell advertising at your college newspaper as a Communications/Advertising major, your destiny as a media pro is pretty well set. So it was no surprise when James Horan officially started his advertising career at Bates as a media planner on the Hyundai account.

After that taste of agency life, he moved on to manage and sell for a variety of magazines in the Los Angeles area. His years of experience in publishing have includes the groundbreaking business publication Fast Company, where he established lasting client relationships across a wide variety of product categories, led by automotive. He has been a principal partner at Access Media since the company’s founding in 2004.

James is especially passionate about helping media launches get off the ground—developing sales strategies and programs to communicate a distinctive new voice in an untapped or crowded category. He has been an integral part of the startup team for Brill’s Content, Condé Nast’s Cargo, Breathe and most recently, Dr. Oz The Good Life.

He and his wife live in Manhattan Beach with their two young rambunctious sons. His passions don’t end with the printed page or the digital screen: He is an avid skier and golfer, and a dedicated food and wine enthusiast. And after riding the proverbial waves of the media business for so long, he’s finally hit the real waves and taken up surfing.